Who Funds the Century Initiative?

It is crucial to understand the constellation of interests benefiting from, and lobbying for, high levels of immigration to Canada.

An important immigration lobby is the Century Initiative, which advocates for Canada’s population to be increased to 100 million by 2100. I have compiled a list of the banks, corporations, foundations and individuals who donated to the Century Initiative in 2022. All of this information is available in their 2022 Annual Report. For those hearing about this group for the first time, check out my own report for some background information.


– Bank of Montreal

– Scotiabank

– TD Bank

– Power Corporation of Canada: A management and holding company, with holdings in insurance, retirement, wealth management and investment management. It has a market cap of $25 billion, and over 30,000 employees. Power Corporation of Canada has historically wielded considerable influence in Canadian politics.


– AGT Food and Ingredients: A huge Canadian processor of pulses and other ingredients. It was founded in 2001 by Murad Al-Katib, the “prince of pulse crops”.

– Business Council of Canada: An advocacy group composed of CEOs of Canada’s leading companies. The President and CEO of the Business Council of Canada is Goldy Hyder, who is on the Board of the Century Initiative.


– Quarrywood Foundation: This foundation has almost no publicly available information about it online. The president is Mark Wiseman, who co-founded the Century Initiative with Dominic Barton.

– Lynwood Family Foundation: The Lynwood Family Foundation also has very little information about it online. The president is Sarah Milroy and its secretary and treasurer is Thomas Milroy, who is the vice chair and treasurer of the Century Initiative.

– Srinarayanathas Foundation: The Srinarayanathas family foundation pledged $300,000 over 3 years to the Century Initiative.

– Larry and Judy Tanenbaum Family Foundation: A family foundation based in Toronto.


– Dominic Barton: Co-founder of the Century Initiative with Mark Wiseman, former Global Managing Director of McKinsey, former Canadian ambassador to China.

– Goldy Hyder: CEO of the Business Council of Canada, Board Member of Century Initiative.

– Lisa Lalande: CEO of Century Initiative.

– Willa Black: Vice President, Corporate Affairs at Cisco.

– Martin Basiri, Massi Basiri, and Meti Basiri: The Basiri brothers are co-founders of ApplyBoard, an international student recruitment company based in Ontario.

Matthew Mendelsohn: Public policy expert, founding director of the Mowat Centre, currently a visiting professor at Toronto Metropolitan University. He is best known for leading Justin Trudeau’s Results & Delivery Unit, which tracked the achievement of Liberal policy promises. In the spring of 2015, Mendelsohn wrote the first draft of what would become Justin Trudeau’s platform.

What can you do? 

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